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Simplica Web Solutions for LabWare LIMS

Introducing Sample Wizard

Simplica’s Sample Wizard extends LabWare LIMS to people outside of the lab. Now customers, sales teams, R&D staff, really anyone can easily enter samples and view results with Sample Wizard.

Contact us if you would like to be part of the pilot program!

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Sample Wizard Features

  • External users can have access to LabWare LIMS forms and reports with a modern web interface that requires little or no-training
  • Submit samples in a simple step by step process
  • Dashboard view with quick access to sample(s) status and metrics
  • Search capability to easily find and download historical data
  • Administrators can manage users, roles, and permissions
  • Access on any device that has a web browser – there is no software or apps to download and maintain
  • Improves your overall process efficiency
  • Decreases your margin for error
  • Provides quick access to information otherwise not readily available

Sample Wizard simply streamlines your sample submission and tracking process so that almost anyone can use it. Just about anywhere. For more information or to sign-up for our pilot program, please Contact us!

Our Relationship with LabWare

We are LabWare's web development partner. Our team has designed and implemented the web technology products (WebLIMS, web services, etc) offered by LabWare since 2002. In short, we are the world's experts on interfacing to LabWare using web technologies.

Our products and services for LabWare customers include:

  • Low-training or no-training web interfaces for non-lab users
  • Full browser, mobile web, smart phone and tablet versions
  • Support for all industries - pharma, petrochemical, contract lab, clinical and more
  • Consistent technology stack with LabWare web products
  • Modern responsive designs, zero-footprint, cross-browser
  • Integration with other enterprise applications using web services