What Simplica Offers?

Simplica provides world-class web-based solutions that connect to leading enterprise software platforms such as LabWare LIMS. Your users can get timely information and leverage available data easily and quickly, from anywhere and in real time.

Whether it is custom application that exactly meets your needs or our off-the-shelf LabWare LIMS portal, Sample Wizard, Simplica’s solutions are designed to run on your infrastructure or anywhere in the internet cloud.

  • Custom Solutions for any industry
  • Off-the-Shelf customer LIMS portal – Sample Wizard
  • Improved process efficiencies & faster results
Software solutions designed to suit your specific needs.
Innovative tailored business solutions to existing and new LabWare customers.
An off-the-shelf LabWare LIMS portal that easily runs in your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

Who We Work With

Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized businesses and start-ups around the world. Simplica provides solutions to extend their LabWare LIMS software to connect their customers and mobile workers to internal company data and processes in real time.

About Us

Simplica Corporation was founded in 1999 on the basic premise that in the IT world simple is better. We are a global team of highly dedicated individuals with a passion for our work, and we believe cloud and mobile technologies are fundamentally changing the world’s computing platform. Solutions that are easy-to-use and simple to administer are going to win over those that aren’t.

Besides software, we provide our clients with professional support; architecture, development, and trainings services that help them deliver business results quickly and cost-effectively.

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