Simplica partners with LabWare to deliver LIMS web based solutions

You already know LabWare LIMS offers unmatched power, high configurability, and rock solid UI design. You can now extend the power of LabWare LIMS inside and outside of your organization thanks to Simplica’s technology.

Since 2002 Simplica has played an integral role in the software development of Web-enabled access to LabWare LIMS, including the new LabWare 7 Web interface. Simplica also offers an off-the-shelf Sample Wizard web portal for LIMS.  Simplica has used its unique LabWare LIMS expertise to deliver innovative customer solutions with Web‐based software and professional support services to existing and new LabWare customers.



Simplified Sample Submission

Our newest software application, Sample Wizard, acts as a web portal to LabWare LIMS that streamlines the LIMS sample submission and tracking process, so that almost anyone can use it, just about anywhere.

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“ Simplica has been a key technology partner since 2002. They provided important web expertise in the engineering of our new LabWare 7 product. Simplica also delivers specialized web solutions extending the LabWare platform for our customers.

Vance Kershner, LabWare CEO


Customer solutions examples for LabWare users


Public Facing Applications

Sometimes users outside the enterprise need to interact with LabWare LIMS. For example a contract lab might need its own customers to log samples, check status and get results. For an off-the-shelf customer LIMS portal – check out our new Sample Wizard.

Intranet Portals

Simplica can provide intranet portals so front-line employees as well as decisions makers can get their own dashboard style view of key information from LabWare LIMS.

Non-Lab User Interfaces

LIMS is generally for mainstream lab personnel, but in some situations, infrequent users need to interact with LIMS. The web is a perfect vehicle for users, and Simplica can design simplified, easy-to-use interfaces, such as step-by-step wizards, for most any LabWare module.

Enterprise Application Integration

Business software systems are expected to interconnect and share information. Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) provide the fabric for applications to work together. Simplica has in-depth knowledge of web services and other system-to-system connectivity to LabWare LIMS.