Simplica Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing segments in the enterprise IT world, as businesses want great software product but no longer want to host them on-premise.
At Simplica, we understand this important trend and we are presenting – the Simplica Cloud. The Simplica Cloud provides a hosted environment for: Sample Wizard, LabWare, and Simplica custom apps.

The big infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers only offer cloud components – virtual machine instances, database services, file storage facilities, etc. Where the IaaS providers offer “components”, Simplica offers complete “applications” generally accessible with a simple URL.
Significant expertise is often required to setup and manage all of the components necessary to maintain an enterprise-scale, secure and highly available deployment required by most LabWare customers.

Additionally, Simplica directly manages everything behind-the-scenes; every Simplica Cloud Solution is continuously monitored, and have a knowledgeble and helpful support technicians available for specific customer applications.

See upcoming Maintenance Events.

Sample Wizard Portal
An off-the-shelf LabWare LIMS portal that easily runs in your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

LabWare 7 Web
Innovative tailored business solutions to existing and new LabWare customers.

Simplica Custom Apps
Software solutions designed to suit your specific needs.

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